Inviting Friends Over To Use The New Hot Tub? Follow These Safety Tips

Posted on: 11 January 2016

Having a new hot tub installed is a great way to turn your home into party central. But, before you let your closest friends climb into your new hot tub, it's important to lay down a few ground rules. These rules will protect both your friends and your new hot tub.

No drinking alcohol in the hot tub.

The idea of sipping a cold cocktail while soaking in the tub may sound appealing, but it's actually quite dangerous. Hot tubs made you sweat, which promotes dehydration. Alcohol promotes dehydration, too. Guests who become too dehydrated may become disoriented and may even pass out in the hot tub, and having to deal with such an incident will certainly ruin the party.

No glass bottles or glasses.

In order to guard against dehydration, it's fine to encourage your friends to drink non-alcoholic beverages while in the hot tub. But make sure those beverages are not in glass bottles. Supply plastic cups for guests to use, and check periodically to make sure everyone is using them. If someone drops a glass and it shatters in the hot tub, you'll be dealing with a lot of cuts and serious injuries -- and getting the tub safe and free from glass shards will be a costly and time-consuming project.

No (little) kids allowed.

You can let the teenagers join you in the tub if you like, but little kids should be told they need to wait until they're older. Their thin skin causes them to be more susceptible to overheating, and you would not want them to pass out or develop heat exhaustion.

Avoid heavy lotions.

Discourage your guests from putting on any heavy lotions before entering the hot tub. These can interfere with the action of the sanitizing chemicals in the hot tub and may also interfere with its filter system. Do not use the hot tub in the middle of a hot day when people feel they must apply sunscreen before using it. Save it for the nighttime after the sun has set, or a cool day when wearing sunscreen is not vital.

Sick people should stay home.

Yes, you should have disinfectant chemicals in the hot tub to kill germs. However, they can only do so much. If someone is sick and spreading a lot of germs into the hot tub, the sanitizer levels may not remain high enough to kill them, and everyone else might end up sick. For this reason, it's important for anyone who has been sick to stay out of the hot tub, especially if they have had diarrhea.

For more information about safety precautions in your new hot tu, talk with sales representatives at hot tub suppliers, such as spas by Arctic Spas & Billiards.