Simple Steps For Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Posted on: 9 May 2017

Maintaining your home can be challenging. From mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs to repairing a leaky faucet, these tasks are important for protecting the look and value of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to clean and maintain their outdoor living spaces. A hot tub can be a great addition that adds to the overall home appeal, but making sure it is clean and in good condition is imperative for the total value of your home. With these simple solutions, you will learn how to clean your hot tub in an effective, efficient manner.


Before you drain the tub and wash the interior basin, you need to remove large pieces of debris from the water. This will prevent the debris from clogging the filters after draining.

Use your hands to remove large leaves and pine straw from the water. Then, use a pool skimmer net to remove other pieces of debris from the water's surface.


After skimming large pieces of debris from the hot tub, you will need to complete a more involved cleaning of the tub and filters. Power down the heater, unplug the electrical cord, and flip off the breakers to the spa. This will disconnect all power running to your hot tub.

Remove the filter from your spa and rinse it off with hot water. If your spa uses a disposable filter, replace with a new filter.

Connect a garden hose to the spigot of your hot tub. Open the spigot, allowing the water to drain from the tub. Avoid draining the water from the tub into your yard, since this could cause flooding issues. Run the hose away from your house, if possible.


Once the tub is free of debris and water, you can begin to sanitize the interior using a natural solution. In a spray bottle, combine 3 cups of water with 2 cups of white vinegar. Shake the bottle to mix, ensuring the vinegar combines with the water sufficiently.

Spray a thorough amount of the vinegar solution into the tub basin and allow it to sit for a few minutes. The vinegar will eat through stubborn residue while removing any mold or algae that may be lingering inside the hot tub. Wipe out the interior with a damp cloth and rinse with the garden hose. Be sure the spigot is open to allow the rinse to drain out of the tub.

Pour into a spray bottle and shake to allow the baking soda time to dissolve into the water. Douse on the shell and allow to soak for 15 minutes. Use a damp sponge to scrub away stubborn areas of dirt. Rinse out with your garden hose.

Cleaning your hot tub periodically does not have to be challenging. Using this guide, your hot tub will be clean and in good condition without a great deal of stress. 

Employ a Spa Service Company When Necessary

If your hot tub does not seems to be functioning correctly for any reason contact a spa service company, like Budget Pool & Spa Tech Inc. They may be able to fix the problem, which will save you from the inconvenience of a broken hot tub.