Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean

Posted on: 13 June 2017

There's nothing more refreshing than jumping into your cool swimming pool after a long hot day. The beautiful, clear water can help relax you and take away the stresses of the day, instantly transporting you to your tranquil, happy place. This can all go away if that crystal clear water begins to turn green. A green pool doesn't exactly look inviting. Keep your pool clean and maintained in order to keep it crystal clear all summer long. See below for cleaning tips for your pool.

Filter It Often

Running the filter often will help keep the water circulating when not in use. It helps filter out the bugs and leaves floating around the top, rather than allowing them to settle to the bottom. When the dirt, bugs and leaves settle to the bottom, you can cause the floor of your pool liner to stain. Run your filter during the day and turn if off in the evening if you're worried about owing extra on your energy bills. 


Vacuum your pool with either an automatic vacuum or by vacuuming it manually with an extension pole and a brush head (along with a hose that will stretch all the way across the pool). Vacuuming your pool requires that you move slowly so you do not simply push the dirt around, and allowing it to get sucked up through the vacuum hose. Once you are finished, you'll need to backwash the water to get rid of the filthy water you just vacuumed up. You'll see the dirty water flowing out of the filter. Allow the water to run until it's clear.

Add The Proper Chemicals

Your pool requires Chlorine/Shock to keep it clean, but you also need to watch the pH and alkalinity levels as well. Keep a pool testing kit on hand to check the levels, then add chemicals as needed. If you have any question about what to add, you can take a sample of the water to your local swimming pool supply store and they can tell you what needs to be added. When adding Chlorine/Shock, add it in the evening when the sun is off of your pool. The sun can evaporate or "burn" off the Chlorine, so never add it in full sunlight. Be sure to filter the pool after adding the Chlorine so it gets circulated.

Keep your pool clean and maintained to prevent it from turning green, and to keep it tranquil, inviting and beautiful. Companies like Legacy Pools can help you maintain it.