Do Something Sophisticated Near Your Pool: Add A Fire Pit!

Posted on: 13 July 2017

An emerging home design trend is to situate fire pits near your pool for a very chic and contemporary look that will make you want to spend every minute you can outside. This merging of the two elements- fire and water- also brings a soothing Feng Shui to your home's exteriors, creating a serene place to sit and enjoy.

Some cool ways to incorporate a fire pit near your pool include these ideas:

Combine the two elements. For something truly spectacular, consider installing a fire pit inside your pool. Have pool contractors create a sunken conversation pit, with a dry seating area around an enclosed fire pit, to construct the ideal spot for entertaining and summertime fun!

Go for drama. Consider adding fire pits to the four corners of your rectangular or square-shaped swimming pool for a very dramatic curb appeal. This creates great outdoor lighting and will enhance the looks of any swimming pool. Merchants may be able to offer a main-remote system to control all of your pits, simultaneously.

Opt for gas. It makes the most sense to invest in gas fire pits. Who wants to constantly clean ash out of your pristine pool? The gas line requires no wood to light, which means no mess in or around your pool.

Built-in safety feature. It is always recommended that you keep water near your fire pit in the event of a fire. A pool provides a built-in safety feature! Make sure to keep a bucket of sand nearby, also, and always turn the gas-line off before attempting to extinguish a fire near your gas-powered fire pit.

Control the fire. Control the fire and size of the flame with a key valve. Key valve-style fire pits allow you to adjust the amount of flame, which is another great safety feature!

Add safe seating. When installing the pool or patio, consider adding arched sitting wall near the pit. This helps to serve as a wind barrier for your flame, providing a cohesive spot for sitting. These seating arrangements are stable and secure, safe to utilize near the open flame of your fire pit.

Do something clever around your pool by adding a fire pit. Just think of how comforting it will be to get out of the water and warm yourself by the fire-- it is the perfect pairing for your outdoor space! 

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