Removing An Old Pool Liner And How To Install The New One Yourself

Posted on: 24 July 2018

A swimming pool can sometimes last upwards of 15 years or longer if taken care of properly, but over those 15+ years you may need a new pool liner. This may be due to regular wear and tear, or it could dry rot from the sun and thin causing rips and tears. If this happens to you, you can remove the old liner and install the new one. It is a job that is going to require more than one set of hands, so if you're thinking of doing this job on your own make sure you gather a few friends.

Read on for instructions to remove the old liner and install a new one in your pool. 

Removing The Old Liner

To remove the old liner, turn the filter to backwash and begin removing the water from the pool. To get the rest of the water out once it's below the skimmer line you will need a submersible pump. Once the water is out of the pool, take off the caps, rails, and plastic clips holding the old liner in place, as well as the skimmer basket and eyeball return. Set all of these aside. Use a utility knife to cut the old liner into manageable pieces, as it will be heavy.

Installing The New Liner

Tamp the ground below if need be to smooth out the ground before you install the new liner. If you have any dips or deep spots, it will be felt in the new liner. When the ground is the way you want it to be you can begin unfolding the new liner.

  1. Start in the center and begin unfolding the liner. Lay it over the edges of the pool until you have the entire liner unfolded and in place. You will need some overhang on the edges, but not too much that the liner rips when you put water in. This is when you will need your helpers to hold the liner in place around the pool so it doesn't fall back in.
  2. Move the liner around the base of the pool so it is even all the away around. Smooth out any creases as you start to fill it with water. You don't want it to be in the sun too long or it will shrink and tear.
  3. At this point, you will need a few helpers to start putting the plastic clips and rails in place, as well as the caps.
  4. Continue to smooth out the creases with your feet as much as you can, so you don't have creases in the floor of your pool where dirt and other debris can get trapped.
  5. Cut the opening for the skimmer basket and the return with a utility knife and replace the eyeball return and the face plate/basket for the skimmer. Replace all of the hoses and hook up your filter/pump.

Installing a new pool liner takes a team of people. If you don't know what you're doing you could end up spending a lot of money on a liner only to have it ruined all in one day. Hire a pool contractor company like Clear Pools Maintenance Inc. to ensure the job is done right the first time.