Repairs That May Be Needed For Cracks In Your Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Posted on: 23 May 2019

There are several advantages to getting a fiberglass pool, and the pool should last for many years without the need for major repairs. However, it's possible for fiberglass to crack due to various reasons, such as tree roots pushing against the shell. Fortunately, cracks can usually be repaired, and the method of repair depends on where the cracks are located and how bad they are. Sometimes, cracks are on the surface and confined to the gel coat, and other times they affect the fiberglass shell. Here are some repairs you may need when cracks develop in your fiberglass pool.

Cracks in the Gel Coat

Your fiberglass pool is covered with a gel coat that is susceptible to cracking. These cracks can develop for a number of reasons, such as problems during installation or rough handling during transportation. These cracks may be present right after the pool is installed, or they might develop later on. Usually, gel-coat cracks are small and difficult to notice. These cracks are a cosmetic problem and don't cause leaking or structural problems with your pool. They don't always need to be repaired since they don't leak and are not an eyesore when small. However, they might spread. If the gel coat is covered in cracks, or if the cracks are large, then you may want to have pool repairs done to improve the appearance of your pool. This would involve draining the pool and applying a new gel coat.

Cracks in the Fiberglass

Cracks in the fiberglass can be more serious, but even those may not cause leaking. A pool repair service can repair these cracks by draining the pool and filling the crack. First, the area has to be sanded and cleaned. Then the crack is patched with material that will block water leaks and stabilize the crack. After that, a fiberglass patch is applied between two layers of gel coat, and the job is finished with a top coat. This can be a long process since each coating has to dry before the next step is taken.

When you notice a crack in your fiberglass pool, or when your pool is losing water and you can't determine why, call a pool expert for help. A pool repair service has tools needed to detect a leak and find cracks. A pool leak doesn't necessarily mean you have a crack in the fiberglass, because plumbing issues could also be to blame. However, if your pool does have a leaking crack, you'll want to find it and repair it before the leak causes damage to your pool.