• Removing An Old Pool Liner And How To Install The New One Yourself

    A swimming pool can sometimes last upwards of 15 years or longer if taken care of properly, but over those 15+ years you may need a new pool liner. This may be due to regular wear and tear, or it could dry rot from the sun and thin causing rips and tears. If this happens to you, you can remove the old liner and install the new one. It is a job that is going to require more than one set of hands, so if you're thinking of doing this job on your own make sure you gather a few friends.
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  • The Low-Down On Acid Washing For New Pool Owners

    If you are new to in-ground pool ownership, you've probably realized there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to maintaining your pool. But never fear -- with the guidance below, you will get over that curve in no time. The following is a guide to acid washing, a special type of maintenance you should provide for you pool every five years or so.  What is acid washing?
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